Cellular Healing

Cell damage occurs every day from simple sun exposure, exercise, poor diet, stress, and other health challenges. The body is in a constant state of healing itself—of repairing and replacing its cells. When we are young our cells rebuild and repair quickly. As we age the body’s ability to rebuild and repair diminishes.
•Our cells make their own tools for repairing the damage that occurs
•When damage occurs our cells work to protect themselves and repair
themselves—or if the damage is too great they replace themselves

The most fundamental healing tools at the cellular level are called Redox Signaling molecules

Scientists have discovered a link between health, aging and Redox Signaling molecules: without a constant, balanced supply of these vital molecules, we grow old, we grow weak, and we grow more prone to health problems.

Redox Signaling: The Breakthrough of the Century

Building on two decades of research and with millions of dollars invested, renowned
physicist Gary Samuelson, PhD, led a team of scientists to perfect a way to rearrange the molecular structure of simple salt water. What was once thought impossible was now reality—stable and usable. Redox Signaling molecules were created outside of the body in the form of ASEA.

Studies demonstrate the power of ASEA

Preliminary findings demonstrate that the most potent natural antioxidants that exist in cells—glutathione and superoxide dismutase (SOD)—are more 500% more effective when supplemented with ASEA.

Tests conducted on athletes have also yielded extremely impressive results.

An independent lab tested the performance of healthy athletes in an endurance test
(called VO2 Max) designed to measure oxygen intake, CO2 buildup, and heart rate.
The findings were extraordinary. After only one week of ASEA supplementation, more than half of the athletes experienced an increase in their time to ventilatory threshold (the time it takes to hit the runner’s wall), increasing their “time to VT” by an average of 12%—an improvement rarely seen in athletes.

Significant results in a clinical trial conducted by David C. Nieman, DrPH, suggest:

that ASEA Redox Supplement may help reduce oxidative stress and support cardiovascular health. Study participants showed reduced oxidative stress biomarkers.* In particular, they experienced a lowering of the oxidized form of LDL cholesterol.*ASEA Redox Supplement ingestion over 12 weeks was associated with lower 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8-OHdG), an oxidized nucleoside of DNA and biomarker of generalized cellular oxidative stress.

There’s also a way to deliver active redox signaling molecules directly to the skin:

RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel, a whole-body skin therapy that improves skin health at the cellular level. RENU 28 has been studied in several clinical trials and the participants showed amazing results. Each product in the RENU Advanced system has received a 5-star accreditation for safety and efficacy—the highest possible—by
leading European dermatological research institute, Dermatest. Combat the visible appearance of aging and get your best skin back with the RENU Advanced skin care line. ASEA’s Intensive Redox Serum provides concentrated redox benefits to the areas where you need it most. Healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Skin Cell Renewal 16%
Skin Texture 22%
Skin Smoothness 23%
Skin Elasticity 20%
Appearance of Cellulite 16%

•Everyone can benefit from ASEA
•ASEA has powerful anti-aging benefits
•Studies show the benefits of ASEA for athletes
•Immune system benefits are great for families and health-minded individuals

Right side of this man’s face was treated with Renu 28 for 28 days and the left side was untreated

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