Disclaimer about PDQ!

Our Medical Disclaimer and

Our Statement about P.D.Q.! and the F.D.A.

     We must follow to the letter how the F.D.A. allows a product to be sold as a cosmetic or dietary supplement.  While it may be confusing to understand, please realize that we can and cannot say certain things, and we most certainly cannot make any claims about what P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream or P.D.Q.! Recovery Dietary Supplement Pill can or cannot do.

     P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream is not a drug. P.D.Q.! is made from 100 percent natural herbs and botanicals (all known as GRAS: Generally Recognized As Safe)  under a patent pending formulation and specialized processing. There are no chemicals, no preservatives, no food colors. 

      P.D.Q.! Recovery Dietary Supplement Pill is a dietary supplement. All ingredients are well-known herbs and minerals that are known as safe, and are prepared and combined via a proprietary technology.

     No Claim is made that P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream or P.D.Q.! Recovery Dietary Supplement Pill is a cure for any condition whatsoever: P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream is sold as a cosmetic topical lubricant, similar to thousands of other products on the market which claim only to “soften” skin (most of which may also contain other chemical ingredients).  There is no claim made that P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream will “cure”, “heal” or “remove” any lesion.  Our belief is that P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream and P.D.Q.! Recovery Dietary Supplement Pill both may soften the protective outer cellular wall of abnormal cells as well as normal cells, thus the body’s immune system, which is recognized to contain “killer cells” that are capable of attacking and destroying defective and dangerous cells, may then be more effective in doing the job God designed the immune system to do.  Results of course could vary for each user.

     No Claim is made that P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream nor P.D.Q.! Recovery Dietary Supplement Pill may be used for diagnosis of any disease or condition: For such diagnosis a licensed medical professional is required and highly recommended.  However, we suggest that appropriate medical care be given for any illness or concern.  It might be prudent to alert one’s personal physician that an alternative herbal treatment is to be used on a lesion, mole or sore that will not heal.  Also, we suggest showing your physician where the lesion was, after P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream was used successfully.  For P.D.Q.! Recovery Dietary Supplement, it is also prudent to disclose to your health practioner that you are taking it.

     P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream is safe: While no adverse reaction has ever been reported, it is recommended to apply a small amount of P.D.Q.! to an area of normal skin to see if there is any reaction.  If any reaction to normal skin is observed, it is recommended that use of P.D.Q.! be discontinued and that you call 800-292-0003 for instructions.  While it would not be harmful if any of the product got into the mouth or eye, there may be some discomfort that is noticeable.  It is highly recommended that none of the product be used internally.

     P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream and P.D.Q.! Recovery Dietary Supplement provides a full medical disclaimer: Please see the full text at the bottom of this page.

     Our belief: God Is The Source of All Healing! 

Even though we believe strongly that P.D.Q.! may help you, due to the strict guidelines of the F.D.A. (Federal Drug Administration) we cannot and do not make any claims about what P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream or P.D.Q.! Recovery Dietary Supplement can do for you.  We cannot offer testimonials, nor do we show photos that may indicate results that you may expect.  We believe you were led to this website by God.  We pray that you will have faith to try P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream if you have skin lesions that concern you, or P.D.Q.! Recovery Dietary Supplement for boosting the immune system.  Therefore, we offer the following Disclaimer:

Our Prayer Policy: Many scientific studies now show that prayer, especially intercessory prayer (prayers for someone other than yourself) may exert influence to bring about healing.  Each person that orders P.D.Q.! or requests prayer will specifically be named in prayer by the team at P.D.Q.! Sales.  May God Bless You!

Liability Disclaimer: The information presented here is offered as information only, for use in the maintenance and promotion of good health in cooperation with a licensed medical practitioner. In the event that any individual should use the information presented on this website without a licensed medical practitioner’s approval, that individual will be diagnosing for him or herself. No responsibility is assumed by the author, publisher or distributors of this information should the information be used in place of a licensed medical practioner’s services. No guarantees of any kind are made for the performance or effectiveness of the preparation mentioned on this website, but users are offered a money-back guarantee based strictly on personal satisfaction.

Furthermore, this information is to be used for educational purposes only and has been based solely on the traditional and historic use of given herbs or on clinical trials that are generally not recognized by any US government agency or medical organization.  P.D.Q.! has not gone through the rigorous double-blind studies required before a particular product can be deemed truly beneficial or potentially dangerous and prescribed in the treatment of any condition or disease.

Medical Disclaimer:  P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream is a single-purpose topical cosmetic ointment for which the suggested use is for application on skin sites that are of a concern (not intended for human consumption).  The use of P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream is not intended for diagnosis of the skin site condition.  P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream is a patent-pending blend of 100% botanical and herbal ingredients, none of which are known to be injurious to normal skin cells when applied topically.  P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream is not a drug, is not to be taken internally, no claims are made about curative ability, and has not therefore been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration.  P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream is manufactured in an F.D.A. inspected facility, and is 100% U.S. made.  P.D.Q.! Recovery Dietary Supplement is also made in the same facility, and all ingredients are recognized as safe.

To visit an independent site that offers testimonials and pictures on skin conditions: www.pdqherbals.com

God Bless You!