Health Benefits of Avocados

 avocadoAvocados are great for your heart, circulatory system and skin.  Native to South America, the avocado is a top pick for healing in my book.  Hass avocadoes are 20% fat, but they won’t make you fat.  In fact, the avocado is for anyone trying to lose weight.  Think about it.  If you deny your body fat then it holds tightly onto the fat you’ve already got.  Want to lose weight?  Eat some avocado.  That’s only the beginning!  Avocados are one of the highest in glutathione, which is your liver’s most potent detoxifier.  Want more reasons to eat avocados?  The avocado is great for lowering cholesterol, but the SEED has the greatest artery-scrubbing power, and contains over 100 types of listed phytochemicals.  One Haas avocado has 3 grams of soluble fiber without the seed!

Yes, using the pit has "artery-scrubbing" fiber.  Watch this video and learn more about adding the avocado pit to your smoothie.