PDQ Herbal Skin Cream

P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream Frequently Asked Questions

How does P.D.Q.! Herbal Skin Cream work? P.D.Q.! softens the tissue – the cellular membrane – of abnormal skin cells (such as might be found in lesions, strange moles, and sores that don’t heal), and then your body’s natural immune system (comprised of white blood cells, lymphocytes, T-cells and macrophages) is free to attack as it would any foreign invader or suspicious cells.  Your own body does the work through APOPTOSIS (this system of killing old or diseased cells removes 30 to 50 BILLION cells each day!  P.D.Q.! is simply a lubricant (a skin softener, similar to thousands of lotions and creams available at drug stores – However, P.D.Q.! is refined in a patent pending process that no one else has.)  You might wish to visit www.pdqherbals.com to read some comments from users and gain some education.  Also, if you REALLY want to know some serious technical descriptions of this amazing natural process called APOPTOSIS you may wish to visit the Wikipedia site: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Apoptosis&oldid=123151485

What is P.D.Q.! made of? P.D.Q.! is all natural, comprised of a proprietary blend of herbs and other organic matter (tree bark, leaves and roots). Many expensive processes take place in preparing P.D.Q.!, and the formulation requires the exact use of blending, cooking and cooling.  No other product is (or can be) made this way.  The process of making P.D.Q.! is patent pending.  Due to the fact that others could try to duplicate, but never replicate, P.D.Q.!, we choose non-disclosure of the ingredients. There has NEVER been an allergic reaction to P.D.Q.!  P.D.Q.! is completely safe!  Important: P.D.Q.! does NOT contain bloodroot.  We recommend to NEVER USE A PRODUCT THAT CONTAINS BLOODROOT. IT CAN BE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!

Where is P.D.Q.! made? P.D.Q.! is made in the United States in an F.D.A. inspected laboratory with special equipment.  The materials come from around the world.

If P.D.Q.! works so well, why isn’t it more expensive? Treatment of dangerous skin problems can run into thousands of dollars, and can permanently disfigure and scar.  Some medical treatments are very painful.  The good news is that the makers of P.D.Q.! wish to make it available to anyone that needs it at a very reasonable price.  With over 40 doses per bottle, it only costs around $2.50 per application (at $89.97 per bottle).  And, after all, what price can you put on “peace of mind?”  With a shelf life of over four years, P.D.Q.! is an investment that will last a long time.

How often do you apply P.D.Q.!? Apply P.D.Q.! once with one drop, then apply another drop in 24 hours.  If a reaction occurs, it should do so within the first 24 hours.  A scab will form in the next two or three days as part of the body’s natural healing process.  The scab will come off naturally in 3 to 10 days.  Instructions come with the bottle, and we are available by phone to answer questions.

Has anyone experienced “adverse reactions” with P.D.Q.!? To date we have had more than 3000 success stories – possibly more than 10,000 lesions removed.   For a day or two after application, some swelling and redness or a blister may be observed.  This is normal, and quickly resides when a scab forms.  There can be some feel of “tingling” or even sharp pain if nerve endings are involved, but by application of a cold compress this quickly subsides.) Even though there has never been an adverse reaction reported, we suggest trying P.D.Q.! on a spot that appears free from skin lesions to “test” for any potential adverse reaction before application on the lesion.  If an adverse reaction is observed, please call us at 1-800-292-0003 for any questions about how to proceed. 

Take the worry out and save big dollars! Apply P.D.Q.! whenever any danger signs appear.  Don’t wait.  Many of P.D.Q.! users have had their doctors to diagnose their skin problem before using P.D.Q.! and if this would make you more comfortable, please get this done first.  But, you are in charge of your own health care, so after diagnosis, tell the doctor you wish to try a herbal remedy (P.D.Q.!) at home first before submitting to surgery, freezing or other methods the doctor would perform.  Keep your doctor in the loop if you wish, but fight for the lower cost, non-invasive healthy and SAFE approach P.D.Q.! offers you.  Remember, P.D.Q.! is 100% guaranteed based on your personal satisfaction.

How does P.D.Q.! compare to other creams that dermatologists offer? P.D.Q.!  is the ONLY cream of which we are aware that is completely safe when applied to normal skin tissue.  P.D.Q.! works MECHANICALLY.  All others act by killing through chemical means.  No other cream acts as fast (P.D.Q.! is INSTANT.)  We have been told of horror stories by many of our customers regarding other creams.  P.D.Q.! is SAFE!